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New R&D Building At Our Hatfield Plant

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Scheduled to open this year, the product development area will be equipped with many advanced capabilities, including a pilot scale high-pressure high-temperature reactor and a specialized spinning band distillation system that separates molecules with small differences in their boiling points. This equipment is seldom seen in a manufacturing environment and represents EFC’s commitment to turning research into viable technologies for the semiconductor industry.

According to Dr. Syvret, “This research and the resulting products could have applications in adjacent industries such as the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and other specialty chemical industries. At the moment, we’re concentrating on semiconductors, but we are always interested in hearing from all of our customers about their current and future needs. EFC is open to discovery and collaboration at every level.”

EFC supplies quality products to global gas distributors, with unparalleled service.

We actively pursue:

  1. Researching new product purity specifications for the semi-conductor (electronic) industry
  2. Developing purification methodologies to exceed current acceptable industry standards
  3. Providing quality control, technical, and analytical support to the semi-conductor industry
  4. Supplying qualified materials to the semi-conductor industry

We pride ourselves on customer service and state-of-the-art analytical services. Our ISO 9001:2015 specialty gas plant has a full analytical lab (GC/MS, FTIR, GC with TCD and FID, as well as dedicated moisture analyzers) that allows for the highest quality for the products we provide.