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Machine Learning and AI in Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing

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Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) have existed in our society for decades as broad fields that are becoming highly optimized for specific applications. Can these fields help direct the discovery of new advanced materials and processes in semiconductor materials manufacturing?

What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

By now, most of us have at least heard of ML and AI but far fewer of us actually can describe what these terms mean and how they affect our everyday life. AI is the development of computer systems to complete tasks without the use of human intelligence. ML is an application of AI, used to make AI tasks faster and with more accurate results.

AI and ML are having a positive effect on our society and our way of life. Take, for example, the self-driving automobile, which can function autonomously and safely get a person from point A to point B. This incredible ability is largely due to the many sensors on the vehicle that acquire the critical data (e.g., speed, distance, objects around) which is then fed to a powerful computer processor which has been taught to recognize patterns and make appropriate adjustments.


Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Optimize Quality and Performance

There is great potential for ML,  combined with the data-crunching power of today’s supercomputers, to aid materials researchers in recognizing and identifying patterns in the data that hitherto were difficult, or even impossible for humans to detect and recognize. These tools will perhaps be used for practical purposes such as optimizing purity profiles of deposition materials or maximizing the efficiency of an etching gas recipe to achieve the desired etch rate/selectivity performance criteria that are desired

EF Gases’ Role in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research 

At EF Gases, we believe in the potential power of ML and in the creation of practical AI. EF Gases is collaborating with academics at nationally recognized research centers to help uncover the power of AI combined with ML for applications in semiconductor materials development, performance characterization, and optimization. This research is in it’s early stages however we hope, that one day, AI and ML will help EF Gases deliver high-quality products and processes for our customers.