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The CHIPS Act Begins Conference

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Electronic Fluorocarbons applauds the announcement that Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America (CHIPS) Act has moved to conference. The Bill entered the conference period as part of The United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA). The Bill has 109 conferees and hopes to see a final version early this summer.

CHIPS Act – The Goal

The CHIPS Act’s goal of boosting the domestic semiconductor industry is highly anticipated by end users and their supply chain. Bringing semiconductor manufacturing back to the United States has the potential to leverage the US against foreign entities. The support of the manufacturers and the supply chain creates a domestic pipeline that otherwise is sourced globally.

CHIPS Act – Funding Global Manufacturers

With the current geopolitical climate, the global economy continues to see chip shortages with the potential for the gaps to grow further as critical materials become harder to obtain. CHIPS Act funding can directly impact this growing process by lifting semiconductor manufacturers and their supply chain to meet the need.

CHIPS Act – EF Gases

Electronic Fluorocarbons aims to help build an anti-fragile supply chain in the United States. We stress the importance of American-made for the industry we serve and the communities they touch. CHIPS is the first step in ensuring that resilience.