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Window Manufacturing

We understand the insulation needs of double and triple pane windows.

Improved Insulation

We specialize in supplying high-purity krypton (Kr) and krypton blends tailored for manufacturers of double and triple-pane windows. With its exceptional thermal properties, krypton outperforms argon and air as an insulating medium, significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of windows. This improves indoor comfort and results in tangible reductions in utility expenses.

Krypton offers several advantages for window manufacturers. Firstly, it improves insulation efficiency, resulting in higher R-values within existing window designs. Secondly, it enables thinner spacings between panes, facilitating the development of highly effective window configurations. These qualities make krypton well-suited for various applications, from narrower windows to expansive commercial installations. In scenarios where the space between glazing layers is less than ½ inch, krypton emerges as the preferred choice due to its superior performance.

Moreover, krypton drives innovation in window technology, supporting the production of designs such as thin triples. These windows are celebrated for their lightweight construction, sleek profile, and exceptional energy efficiency.

When incorporating krypton, the process involves filling windows and insulated glass units (IGUs) using equipment similar to that used for argon. However, some flow adjustments are necessary to optimize fill performance and reduce potential losses. Like argon, krypton is a colorless, odorless, inert gas supplied in cylinders equipped with standard CGA580 connections.


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