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We are a leading supplier of specialty gases, fluorocarbons, and rare gases. Since our inception in 2003, EFC Gases & Advanced Materials' continued success is attributed to our ability to champion the evolving industries we serve. This means we continuously broaden our scope of work and complexity of our organization through investments in infrastructure and, our most valued asset, our team.

About EFC Gases & Advanced Materials

We’re invested in what you do. Working with EFC Gases & Advanced Materials means an engaged team at your fingertips. Our employees work collaboratively to ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service, and our products meet the stringent specifications demanded by your industry.

We are invested in the global economy and understand it’s complexities. EFC Gases & Advanced Materials services global industries with high-quality rare gases and fluorocarbons that are purified to the highest specifications. We will work with you as your domestic partner to create security in your supply chain. Our business model allows us to obtain products from global sources, purify them to your required levels, and provide exacting analytical reporting.

The availability of ultra high purity fluorocarbons has become more of a problem as domestic sources become more limited. EFC strives to obtain product from global sources, purify it to the levels required by our customers, and provide detailed and exacting analytical reports. To solve for this problem, we stock an extensive range of high purity refrigerants, hydrocarbons, halocarbons and rare gases. We obtain product from global sources, purify it to the levels required by our customers, and provide detailed and exacting analytical reports. Our goal is to meet and exceed existing industry specifications and provide an unrivalled customer experience.

We are committed to being leaders in customer satisfaction, safety, environmental protection, and continuous improvement through our ISO9001:2015 status.


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Who We Are

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Diverse Product Portfolio

As your premier supplier of specialty gases, our experts will work with you one on one to find the product that meets the stringent requirements of your industry.

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Extensive Industry Knowledge

We invest in our team. Together, EFC Gases & Advanced Materials has over 1000 hours of industry experience.

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Safety and Quality

We have our ISO9001:2015 status and have implemented a Continuous Improvement Plan to ensure continued growth.

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Customer Centered Approach

We strive on customer experience, ensuring quick responses and personal attention to each order. We aim to be solution providers.

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We pride ourselves on being solution providers. Our team will work with you to create a specialized quote.

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Through customer feedback and internal data, we evolve not only our techniques, but our technologies.

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Supply Chain Management

We offer security through reliable sourcing of world class products. Our global supply chain and in-house storage allows short lead times.

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Environmentally Friendly Services

We are committed to protecting our environment. We offer recycling services and low GWP gas alternatives.

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Research and Development

Our R&D facility under our Chief Scientist is conceptualizing new materials to address the most pressing application requirements.