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We have decades of experience supplying rare gases for space propulsion.

Our Capabilities

Electric propulsion, whether using a gridded ion thruster or a Hall effect thruster, provides thrust in a way that is many times more efficient than possible using traditional chemical propellants.  Electric propulsion is routinely used for orbit raising and station keeping of satellites, and has enabled scientific missions including to the asteroid belt and to mercury.  Xenon has been used as the propellant for electric propulsion for many years and krypton has been adopted on a large scale more recently.

We produce propulsion grade krypton and xenon for use in spacecraft using the electric propulsion.  Low levels of contaminants, for long thruster lifetime, are ensured by our state-of-the-art laboratory and robust quality systems.  We also offer recovery services to purify collected gases allowing their reuse, resulting in savings.  This can be xenon from a test chamber that has been through a thruster, or residuals left after loading a satellite.

Our Rare Gas Center of Excellence at our facility in Hatfield, PA uses sophisticated technology to produce and analyze xenon, krypton and blends meeting specific customer requirements.  We have a lab with sophisticated analytical capabilities to monitor in-process xenon and the quality of outgoing product.  We have an experienced quality team and robust quality process to ensure that the most exacting standards, including those of the semiconductor and aerospace industries, are met.  Related to the krypton and xenon propellants, we also provide systems for loading the propellants onto spacecraft.

There are a number of applications where xenon and krypton is used, but not used up.  This xenon and krypton can be captured and purified to meet the same specifications as the virgin material.  Recovery offers the potential for reduced costs, and increased security of supply.  Electronic Fluorocarbons offers krypton recovery systems that collect used krypton at customer sites.

And, in addition to the xenon and krypton for propulsion, we also provide other gases to support the propulsion application.  We provide helium for pressure and leak testing, and we provide mixes to support the spacecraft loading process.

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Recovery and Recycling

Gas recovery and recycling can improve economics and protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Rare Gases: Xenon and Krypton

Electronic Fluorocarbons has more than twenty years of experience supplying krypton and xenon for aerospace, semiconductor, lighting, and window industries. We have dedicated rare gas specialists that are experts in your application and dedicated solution providers.