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Gas Cylinders and Valves

Packaging is essential in maintaining the integrity of our products. Our process assures that each cylinder is clean and dry, and our valves meet the most stringent appearance and operational standards.

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Our Process

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Preparation and painting

Whether you need your cylinders painted a certain color or branded with a logo, we will fulfill your needs while ensuring your cylinders are prepped to the highest industry standards. For select materials, cylinder polishing to <1.0ɥmRa is available. Our top-of-the-range cylinder bake-out system with recipes developed from decades of industry knowledge ensures that there are no contaminants present in the gases within the cylinders we handle, for total peace of mind. We also offer a shrink-wrapping service to ensure no damage is caused in transit.

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Tracking your cylinder

We proudly offer a cylinder tracking software which has been proven to cut down time, eliminate unnecessary administrative costs, and boost efficiency. Our service uses barcoding and web-based technologies to track and manage cylinder assets with an easy-to-use management system. Additional benefits include cylinder loss prevention, controlling rental costs, reducing excess stock, and proof of delivery.

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Before using any cylinder, we visually inspect and test the pressure markings and valves, determine the container’s compatibility with the gas, and conduct our proprietary pre-fill process to ensure purity. We examine the integrity of every container and qualify it for service according to United States DOT and international regulations. We provide:

Steel and aluminum cylinders in varying sizes

Bulk storage in tanks and tube skids

Options for buying, renting, and toll filling cylinders

Assistance with safely recycling and denaturing out of service cylinders