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Electronic Fluorocarbons Adds C4F8 Gas Distillation Column to Hatfield Location

EFC Gases & Advanced Materials > News > EFC Gases Adds C4F8 Gas Distillation Column to Hatfield Location

C4F8 Gas Streamlines Purification Process

Electronic Fluorocarbons has doubled its capacity to produce Octafluorocyclobutane C4F8 gas through the construction of a dedicated thirty-foot distillation column. This allows us to ensure the highest purity and further streamline the purification process, creating shorter lead times.

For customers with well-established business continuity plans, Electronic Fluorocarbons’ in-house storage of raw materials provides security throughout the supply chain. A new Agilent GC-PDHID analytical instrument enables us to provide various grades of the product ranging from 99.9%  99.999% (3N-5N) purity. These high purity product lines support not only our electronic customers but applications of C4F8 gas in other non-semiconductor industries.