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Specialty Gas Trainings at EFC

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See what specialty gas training at EFC can do for you.

  • Educate on gas applications
  • Target your customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Increase your safety knowledge
  • Utilize Free Resources
  • Learn from experts in the industry

Why we started trainings at EFC

Electronic Fluorocarbons helps our customers on several different levels.  Our training program ensures that salespeople and independent distributors have the specialty gas knowledge they need—the right terminology, the right technology insight—to truly help their end users.

There are a lot of talented individuals in our innovative specialty gas field, and we encourage people to get to know one another in our training environment. We want to keep representatives up to date about specialty gases in general and the different equipment involved, including valves, regulators and manifolds, and proper connection to the end user’s process.

Our research and development makes sure we can offer an interesting set of high-purity specialty gases, rare gases, and fluorocarbons that continue to help industries like the semiconductor, medical, electrical, and refrigeration industries.

Electronic Fluorocarbons is technology driven as well as knowledge driven.  We are always learning about the needs of end users, working on meeting those needs, and sharing the information we have.


“I enjoy conducting in-depth training for salespeople within independent distributors. We created the training to be informative, productive, and concise”
Does your training cost money?
We provide the training, breakfast, lunch, and a networking dinner for free. Trainees are responsible for their own transportation and hotel stay.
How long is the training?
About a day and a half. We break up the day with different speakers and provide a full tour of our plant on the first day of training.
What keeps you engaged in the specialty gas industry?
The industry is always evolving—we are continually working toward higher purities, especially for the semiconductor fabrication market. As we move toward renewable energy we will see greener company environments that require new molecules and new gases with lower global warming impact. Electronic Fluorocarbons is aspiring to be on the cutting edge of developing some of those next-generation gases.

How do you keep up with changes in the industry?Every year we attend national and regional meetings of the Gases & Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA). GAWDA attracts distributors and salespeople throughout the country. There is great networking and the opportunity to share current issues in the industry. Every year GAWDA holds a regional meeting right here in Pennsylvania, just four hours from our Hatfield location.

About Electronic Fluorocarbons Specialty Gas Trainer Greg Lewis

While earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State, he received an internship at British Petroleum (now BP) and an offer at MG Industries Inc. (a diversified chemicals firm). But Lewis preferred to continue working with his father, learning everything about running a business and mastering technical applications in the gas industry.

After his father’s business was sold, Lewis started his own company, buying prepackaged gases and selling to different end users of specialty gases. He sold the company three years later and went on to fill various sales and distribution positions in the specialty gas industry, including almost 10 years with Airgas. He came to Electronic Fluorocarbons in 2015.

“I was always more of a technical person,” admits Greg Lewis, North American Sales Director for Electronic Fluorocarbons. He is also a specialty gas person: he grew up running his father’s specialty gas company and
has worked in the industry for 30 years.