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Electronic Fluorocarbons Adds to Successful Plant Facility in Hatfield, PA

EFC Gases & Advanced Materials > Blog > Electronic Fluorocarbons Adds to Successful Plant Facility in Hatfield, PA

Electronic Fluorocarbons is expanding both its facilities and its workforce in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, with the addition of a 32,000-square-foot extension to the existing production plant.   The new space will be utilized for new purification/distillation and fill lines to facilitate the growth of existing products.   New reactors and purification modules will be included in a new R&D laboratory to accommodate the development and scale up of new products.  Pavel Perlov, Founder and CEO of Electronic Fluorocarbons identifies the value of R&D to the overall customer experience, “We are very excited of moving the business along a path of new product development and introduction for our customers. This will give them the ability to have access to the latest technology and chemistries that will enable them to develop new processes”.  The expansion is scheduled for completion in early 2019.   According to Thomas Arndt, Director of Operations, “Since 2013, the company has experienced substantial growth. The new facility will give Electronic Fluorocarbons room to grow existing product lines, develop exciting products that enable our customer’s latest technologies and improve efficiency.”

Electronic Fluorocarbons offers the latest technology in purification and analysis of specialty and rare gases, including refrigerants, halocarbons, and hydrocarbons, with purities up to 99.999% in a variety of cylinder sizes. For more information about Electronic Fluorocarbons and its products, call 1-888-924-3371 or email