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Director of Business Development, Electronic Materials

Adam Seymour

Adam Seymour

Adam Seymour joined EFC Gases & Advanced Materials in 2019 as a Sr. Business Analyst and quickly elevated to his role as Director of Business Development, Electronic Materials in 2020.  Adam brings proven success and an extensive research resume in the chemicals industry as well as skills in operations, quality management, semiconductor devices, and hazardous materials.

His career has focused on navigating the complex specialty gas and chemicals business, driving the development of innovative new products, investing in new product lines, and adding enabling technologies to existing portfolios. Adam has provided insight from both a production and customer viewpoint, aiding in relationship development with EFC’s customers and internal teams to model and grow business lines.

Mr. Seymour joined EFC from Taiyo Nippon Sanso where he held the role of Sr. Product Manager & TE Operations Director.  He is a graduate of The University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.S. in Integrative Physiology Biochemistry.

Adam holds several patents, including: Reduction of SiCl4 in the presence of BCl3, Reduction of SiCl4 in the presence of BCl3, Gas cylinder for the storage and delivery of p-type dopant gases, NF.sub.3 chamber clean additive, Removal of Gallium and Gallium Containing Materials, High Aspect Ratio Silicon Oxide Etch. He has been twice published on the topics of: Impurity Amplification in Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Bromide by Water Catalyzed Reactions from Different Cylinder Materials, Cylinder Materials of Construction for Ultra-High Purity HBr in Advanced Semiconductor Etch Processes.