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Hexafluoroethane (FC-116), also known as perfluoroethane, is a colorless, nonflammable and nontoxic gas.

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Formula: C2F6, R116, HC-116

What is Hexafluoroethane gas?

Hexafluoroethane gas is a chemically inert fluorinated haloalkane with a very high global warming potential (GWP = 11,100; Greenhouse gas protocol, Fifth Assessment Report AR5). It is stable and non-reactive under normal conditions and is nontoxic and nonflammable.

Hexafluoroethane In Various Industries

Hexafluoroethane is an important component in some refrigeration mixtures and is frequently combined with trifluoromethane for this application.
It is a reactive ion etching gas in semiconductor materials processing applications. In this process, hexafluoroethane, with a fluorine to carbon ratio of 3:1, offers a unique source of highly reactive trifluoromethyl radicals without accompanying hydrogen atoms. As a result, semiconductor material plasma etching processes employing hexafluoroethane are relatively aggressive with respect to fluorine radical formation. On the other hand, plasmas involving hexafluoroethane are not known for providing good fluorocarbon film formation.
Hexafluoroethane is used as a plasma chamber cleaning gas, an expansion agent for polyolefins and polyurethanes, as a propellant for aerosols, as a fire extinguishing agent, and to provide an inert medium in some cases.



Further Specifications

Cylinder Sizes

  • Plasma chamber etching gas
  • Reactive ion etching gas in semiconductor materials processing
  • Gas component of refrigeration mixes
  • Expansion agent for polyolefins and polyurethanes
  • Aerosol propellant
  • Fire extinguishing agent
Grade 4.5 Grade 5
Purity 99.995% 99.999%
Nitrogen <10 ppmv < 5 ppmv
Oxygen < 5 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Carbon Monoxide < 1 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Carbon Dioxide < 2 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Moisture < 5 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Other Organics < 25 ppmv < 1 ppmv
Acidity (HF) < 0.1 ppmv < 0.1 ppmv
Chemical & Physical
Molecular Weight 138.01
Specific Volume 2.8 cu.ft/lb
Pressure @ 70ºF 23.5 psig
Valve Outlet CGA 660/320 DISS 716
Shipping Information
DOT Name Hexafluoroethane
Hazard Class 2.2
DOT No. UN 2193
DOT Label Green, Non-flammable gas
CAS No 76-16-4
Cylinder Size Fill Weight (lb)
44L/Size 200 95
16L/Size 80 34
7L/Size 35 15

FAQs about Hexafluoroethane

Where is Hexafluoroethane found?

Hexafluoroethane is a product of industrial-scale manufacturing in the primary aluminum and semiconductor manufacturing industries and is present in the atmosphere. Like tetrafluoromethane, hexafluoroethane has been building up in the atmosphere from an unknown source.

Is Hexafluoroethane safe?

Hexafluoroethane is on the Hazardous Substance List. High exposure to the gas is dangerous and can cause pulmonary edema and lead to suffocation. Contact with eyes, skin, and clothing should be avoided. ​​EFC’s culture of safety ensures that hexafluoroethane is always handled correctly, safely, and according to industry standards.

**Moisture level guaranteed only when Electronic Fluorocarbons prepares the cylinders.
All concentrations are on a mol/mol basis unless otherwise stated.
Product sold on the basis of total impurities. Individual impurities may vary slightly.

*This gas not available for purchase online.